B by BASSOCONTINUO is our new customization service. Born for the most demanding people, it’s synonimous of exclusivity, excessive care and incessant innovation. A perfect marriage of form and function. Designed to perform, handmade in Italy.



B by BASSOCONTINUO is a synonym for exclusiveness because
customization means to put a small part of ourselves in the things
that we want to possess. Let your imagination run free. We will take
you into a unique world, a world in continuous evolution created to
satisfy all your innermost desires.

B by BASSOCONTINUO is for the most demanding people, for those
that keep on dreaming, for people that want the maximum from
everything. And once again we reflect ourselves in what we do.
The ongoing research on hi tech material and exclusive textures has
allowed us to introduce new and unique combinations that once
again make us a brand of excellence in the Hi-Fi panorama.
Well, just take a look at the brand new VULCAN BLACK finishing.
We have made carbon fiber look exactly like marble, isn’t it incredible?


Technical specifications


The experience gained in recent years has allowed us to develop a customization program for those enthusiasts that do not settle for a standard product. Our followers know very well the potential of our Reference Line as for customization.
The model ACCORDEON alone allows thousands of combinations regarding the number of the shelves, the height between them, thestructure and the finishing. But even all this sometimes seemed to be not enough.Therefore we have decided to go  further.


We have chosen the best craftsmen to create objects that reflect your personality, that can varnish at best or that can stitch leather
according to ancient traditions to make our ideas a reality. We have mixed classic and exclusive materials such as grain leather,
brazilian rosewood and eucalyptus with Alutex, Epopreg or Carbon fiber.
For the first time we have used glass as a pure decorative element and we have painted its lower surface to give it an incredible colour depth. All this to provide a unique outcome. To help you choose we have created two main lines: RACING, that is extremely technological - inspired by the car racing world - and HERITAGE that is more classic and with an inimitable charm -
inspired by nature and its warm nuances.
We never stop innovating and searching, it’s our style. All the materials, colours and potentiality of B by BASSOCONTINUO are in
continuous evolution, stay tuned!