TYPE: Loudspeakers

It is evident that with the new mbl Radialstrahler 120 the world of hi-fi has to rethink and let go of its prejudice that only huge and mighty speakers can present music in its full nature and relaxed

We succeeded in transferring the revolutionary chassis concept used for the Radialstrahler mbl 116F and mbl 111F to a noticeably smaller loudspeaker.

By positioning both long through lower mid bass units, aligned in a push-push order, on a massive aluminum block there are no resonances carried over to the cabinet, which is made of best materials.
A filter that was especially designed reduces the chassis’s displacement and at the same time it enables for level increase.

Therefore the entire energy remains in the music and the mbl 120 whips up a precise and voluminous bass, in a way that can hardly be experienced even with much larger loudspeakers.

Any music will catch you with an overwhelming natural and fascinating threedimensional reproduction. This is the domain of the improved midrange unit and tweeter. This Radialstrahler, developed exclusively by mbl and valuably
hand-crafted, acts faster than any common chassis thanks to its superior technology – and it lets you experience music in unimagined homogeneity and naturalness.

With the mbl 120 you can build up twochannel systems and surround systems of highest quality. Here we support you with visually and technically suitable loudspeaker stands that allow for nearly invisible wiring by routing the cables inside the stands. A special center speaker version of the mbl 120 is available as well.

Experience the mbl 120 and revise your opinion, too.

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push-push 2 x 6.5 inch

Midrange Radial

Radial HT37, CFK (MBL)

Acoustic Center
42 inch

Cabinet Volume
20 liter

Weight incl. speaker stand
61.7 lbs

Dimensions (WxDxH)
11.8 x 15.3 x 23.6 inch

Height incl. speaker stand
48. inch (incl. cover)