BRAND: Audio Research

SERIES: GSi75 Integrated Amplifier

TYPE: Integrated Amplifier

A Single Chassis Triumph
“Be prepared to fall in love with this amazing, high-end, one-box solution…this one majors on insight and agility. It reveals the harmonic richness in the sound of a piano and renders it with a subtlety of dynamics that’s hard to match at anywhere near this price.” What Hi-Fi?, February 2017.



For the person who cares deeply about music but refuses to compromise quality to fit in a small space, the GSi75 may be perfection. Our design, engineering, and manufacturing teams collaborated to produce a single chassis component unique unto itself and far more than the sum of its parts. Those wanting legendary Audio Research quality can now rejoice; the GSi75 delivers on every level.

Combining pre- and power amplifier sections, an advanced digital-to-analog converter, a MM/MC phono stage, and a tube-driven headphone section, the GSi75 does it all in one beautiful chassis. Feed it the source of your choice and it will redefine your expectations of what can be achieved in its integrated design.

The GSi75 is a sonic knockout, delivering wonderfully expansive sound that flows across a wide and deep soundstage. All about neutrality, the GSi75 provides superb clarity and lifelike dynamics. Combining four KT150 power output tubes with a robust power supply derived from the Reference 75, the GSi75 delivers a powerful 75 watts per channel capable of driving all but the most inefficient speakers with a finesse and sophistication more common to our separate flagship components.

Performance and flexibility are paramount; Its advanced digital-to-analog converter with USB, optical and coax digital inputs (all capable 384khz/32 bit along with DSD and DXD files), plus selectable digital filters and upsampling, allow one to fine tune or not. The same is true for the phono stage’s selectable impedances and gain. Perhaps best of all, parameters are easily adjusted from the comfort of your chair.

After nearly 50 years, our focus remains the advancement of the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. Every component is meticulously hand-crafted and personally auditioned before it leaves our factory. Our attention to detail, customer service, and product support create unprecedented value. An Audio Research component is more than a purchase, it’s an investment.

For some, the GSi75 will be a destination component, for others it will provide a marvelous introduction into the world of Audio Research. Some may even utilize the GSi75 as the anchor to a top-notch second system in another room, perhaps an office, or another residence. Whatever your reason for choosing the GSi75, it will provide decades of musical enjoyment and satisfaction.

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Power output
75 watts per channel continuous from 20Hz to 20kHz. 1 kHz total harmonic distortion typically 1.5% at 75 watts; 0.1% at 1 watt. (PEAK). Approximate actual power available at “clipping” 63 watts RMS (1kHz)

Frequency response
(-3dB points at 1 watt) 4.0Hz to 70kHz

Input sensitivity
0.55V RMS Single-ended for rated output. (32.5dBgain into 8ohms.)

Output taps
4, 8 ohms

Hum & Noise
Less than 1.0 mV RMS -88dB below rated output (IHF weighted, Vol down)

Tube complement
2 – Matched pair KT150-Power Output; 2 – 6H30 driver

Power requirement
100 -125VAC 60Hz (200-250VAC 50/60 Hz) 450 watts at rated output, 625 watts maximum, 250 watts at “idle’:1.5 watt power off

Width: 19.0” (48.3 cm) Height: 10.37” (26.3 cm) Depth: 20.41” (51.8 cm)

55 lbs. (25.0 kg) Net.; 78 lbs. (35.4 kg) Shipping