BRAND: McIntosh

SERIES: MA8900 Integrated Amplifier
TYPE: Integrated Amplifier

The MCD550 SACD/CD Player, MCT450 SACD/CD Transport, MT5 Precision Turntable, MR87 AM/FM Tuner, MEN220 Room Correction System and XR100 Loudspeakers are logical companions for the MA8900 Integrated Amplifier. Your Authorized Dealer can provide additional information on other McIntosh product combinations.




  • The MA8900 Integrated Amplifier combines many new features with our legendary amplification prowess and preamplifier capabilities into one all-encompassing unit.
  • Feature our new McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks™ that are so efficient at dissipating heat that they warrant bearing the McIntosh “Mc” logo.
  • All digital inputs are housed in new DA1 Digital Audio Module which can be replaced by future modules to easily keep your MA8900 current with all the latest digital audio formats and technologies.
  • Supports high resolution digital music up to DSD256 and DXD 384kHz via a Quad Balanced 8-channel, 32-bit/192kHz DAC.
  • New, more powerful control microprocessors combined with some of the latest audio-grade circuit components allows the MA8900 to deliver the best sound possible.
  • The MA8900 is full of McIntosh technological staples including Autoformers, Power Guard®, Sentry Monitor™, Home Theater PassThru, High Drive headphone amplifier with Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD®) and Power Control.
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Power Output 
200 Watts per channel. McIntosh Autoformers ensure all speakers receive the full 200 Watts regardless if they are 2, 4 or 8 Ohm impedance.

Total Harmonic Distortion  
0.005% maximum from 20Hz to 20kHz

Tone Controls 
5-Band analog tone controls

Headphone Amplifier 
1/4” High Drive with Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD®). Powers all headphones from 20 to 600 Ohms.

Analog Inputs 
6 Unbalanced 1 Balanced 1 Moving Coil 1 Moving Magnet

Digital Inputs  
2 Coax 2 Optical 1 USB 1 MCT (used with McIntosh MCT series SACD/CD Transports) All are housed in DA1 Digital Audio Module.

Home Theater PassThru 
Allows for seamless interfacing with a Home Theater system.

Overall Dimensions (W x H x D) 
17-1/2” (44.5cm) x 7-5/8” (19.37cm) x 22” (55.88cm) including knobs, connectors and cables

75 lbs (34.1kg) net, 93 lbs (42.3kg) in shipping carton