TYPE: Preamplifier

The Corona Line hasn’t just broken the mould in design terms alone; technically speaking too this new product line sets new standards. The outer solid aluminium casing contains a second casing of reinforced steel which screens off the electronics in magnetically shielded slots with full electrical isolation of the power supplies units and transformers. The CD player features a state of the art high quality Slot drive and digital RCA and Toslink inputs as well as a native USB dock for CD audio data. A novel intelligent MBL SmartLink network enables the devices to talk to one another. This means that all associated input signals are controlled by the Pre-Amplifi er or Integrated Amplifi er and a simple touch of the button on a device or the remote control is all that you need to put the whole Corona system on standby. The power consumption is then under 1 VA (Green Standby).


The MBL Corona Line is a fully rounded statement of our proven expertise in audio engineering and design – a consummate fusion of perfect acoustics and design. A truly alluring entry to the world of high end audio. The mission was to achieve perfect symbiosis – an ideal fusion of high end sound with an innovative design concept. MBL’s teams of developers and designers worked hand in hand in engineering the concept and have broken fresh ground. The outcome is now a new range of superb high quality high end audio – the MBL Corona Line.

The Corona Line’s minimalist design is a new byword for restrained understatement combined with classical elegance which makes it the perfect match for almost any type of room. The Corona Line takes its name from the 40mm button shaped like the MBL logo and mounted on the upper side in a corona of light. This signature button serves to regulate the brightness of the display. All products in the range have been carefully coordinated to complement one another and when taken together as a single family unit radiate an atmosphere of truly captivating serenity.

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15,5 kg / 34.2 lbs

Dimensions (without cables)
W 45,0 cm / D 44,5 cm / H 14,5 cm W 17.7 in / D 17.5 in / H 5.7 in

Dimensions with packaging
W 59,0 cm / D 54,0 cm / H 35,5 cm W 23.2 in / D 21.3 in / H 21.9 in Line Voltage 230 Vac / 50 Hz or 115 Vac / 50/60 Hz

Power consumption
in stand by         < 1 VA
in idle               < 20 VA
Maximum           < 20 VA




Output Level / Maximum Output

Variable unbalanced RCA Outputs
0 … 5 V @ 2 V Input, max 8 V (According to Volume Setting)

Variable balanced XLR Output
0 … 10 V @ 2 V Input, max 16 V (According to Volume Setting)

Fixed Record Output
2 V @ 2 V Input, max. 8 V

Nominal / Maximum Input Level (All Inputs except Phono)

Absolute Polarity
In-Phase (RCA / XLR Pin2)

Frequency Range (All Inputs and Outputs except Phono)
DC – > 200 kHz








RCA unbalanced
2 x MBL CD1 / CD2
2 x Tuner AUX1 / AUX2
1 x Processor By-Pass

XLR balanced (unity gain)
1 x Symmetrical

1 x optional 2nd Symmetrical In (XLR) or
1 x optional Phono Module (RCA)



Output Impedance

All RCA Outputs              
100 Ohm

XLR Output
200 Ohm



Input Impedance

CD and Processor By-Pass Inputs
≥ 5 kOhm

AUX Inputs
50 kOhm

XLR Input
10 kOhm

Signal to Noise Ratio (All Inputs and Outputs except Phono)
> 110 dB (A) @ 2 V Input, Volume set to 0 dBr / unity gain

Channel Separation (All Inputs and Outputs except Phono)
> 100 dB @ 1 kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (All Inputs and Outputs except Phono)
< 0.001 % @ 2V Input / 1kHz, Volume set to 0 dBr / unity gain