TYPE: Loudspeakers

The Corona Line’s minimalist design is a new byword for restrained understatement combined with classical elegance which makes it the perfect match for almost any type of room. The Corona Line takes its name from the 40mm button shaped like the MBL logo and mounted on the upper side in a corona of light. This signature button serves to regulate the brightness of the display. All products in the range have been carefully coordinated to complement one another and when taken together as a single family unit radiate an atmosphere of truly captivating serenity.


“An MBL Radialstrahler is something I’ll never be able to afford.”

This is something we have taken to heart and now we have come up with an answer. With the new mbl 126 we have developed a truly small speaker based on the omni directional radiating principle – and it is a genuine MBL. A speaker that lives from its unbelievable musicality made possible by our exclusive technology. The new entry level model follows the energy-preserving construction basis of the large models. The woofer, in a pushpush arrangement counters the forces and reduces the cabinet vibrations. As a result, the cabinet made of high-quality materials and valuably crafted by hand remains entirely solid. You are able to hear even the finest nuance, no musical detail is lost. The new mbl 126 also has two new radial drivers for the midrange and upper frequency range. Thus it has all the genes needed to bring music to life in a tangibly true, three-dimensional rendition. The drivers, enhanced through work of meticulous precision, now provide an even finer musical experience and render the original with unrivalled perfection. Thanks to the unparalleled speed of its radials segments, the absolute dynamic of the mbl 126 can reproduce music of any kind entirely in its natural sound.

You can create high-quality two-channel and surround systems using the mbl 126. Speaker stands and a special centerspeaker version of the mbl 126 that harmonise both visually and technically provide the perfect setting.

The mbl 126 is the smallest MBL Radialstrahler. Experience just how grandiose an entry level model can be – when it is a question of first entering the world of MBL.


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push-push 2 x 5 inch

Midrange Radial

Radial HT37, CFK (MBL)

Acoustic Center
42.1 inch


Cabinet Volume
11 liter

Weight incl. speaker stand
52.9 lbs

Dimensions (WxDxH)
10 x 13.5 x 20.4 inch

Height incl. speaker stand
44 inch (incl. cover)