TYPE: Integrated Amplifier

Over the last three decades, MBL has played a major part in breathtaking developments in the worldwide audio sector. MBL accompanied and influenced the birth and growth of high-end audio equipment. Throughout the entire process, MBL was driven by its special goal: to be the cutting edge market leader in terms of technology and quality. There was a time when the “Radialstrahler” was only an idea on a sketch-pad. An idea that many people believed would not work, was turned into patent. Thirty years and countless awards later, thousands of audiophiles in the whole world are now closer to their beloved music than they had ever dreamt of.



MBL’s goal remains unchanged: developing the most advanced speakers and audio players worldwide plus the establishment of a standard above all competitors – with the highest possible demand on quality. Every single MBL component is man-made, from development and design to the manufacturing, testing and listening – from the idea to the finished product. It’s up to you, the music lover, to assess the result. Your judgement, your emotion when you listen to your favorite piece of music on one of our players, this is what counts at MBL. Let yourself be enchanted by music and the design of our music equipment – all our efforts are dedicated to music and to you.

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General description / special features

  • LASA 2.0 amplifi er – MBL-developed technology that combines the advantages of diff erent amplifi er concepts. The resultant amplifi er is perfectly suited to drive complex loads such as loudspeakers, ensuring that the frequency response remains stable even at varying loads and has a homogeneous tonal balance throughout frequency range.
  • UNITY GAIN function for improved transparency & resolution of music through a lower noise fl oor and greater dynamic range
  • Soft Clipping: Even at very high volumes the amplifi er goes gently into clipping mode, never sounding aggressive or distorted
  • Power supply is built around an analog toroidal transformer with protective shield technology in its MU-metal enclosure
  • 380 watts (4 Ω) power with 28 Amp peak output current, values that ensure a sovereign and unconstrained performance even at higher volume levels
  • Rectifi er with low recovery losses
  • Simple selection of the music source by intelligently managed inputs from all connected devices (eg CD-DAC)
  • Analog volume control via stepping motor and potentiometer
  • Unused inputs can be deactivated, eliminating interference with the input selection
  • The maximum volume during power-on can be limited by a simple menu setting, to prevent dangerously high levels (eg protection of children‘s ears)
  • High-quality, vibration-damped full copper loudspeaker connections (binding posts) by the German manufacturer WBT
  • 5’’ color TFT display, 6 smart keys
  • MBL SmartLink version 2.0, employed to network MBL devices with the exchange of status information
  • Intelligent remote control concept for easy operation
  • SD-card slot for easy fi rmware and display content update
  • “Made in Germany” development and production made in MBL’s own factory in Berlin

Inputs / Outputs

  • 6 analog inputs (2 x CD RCA, 2 x Aux RCA, 1 x Processor in RCA, 1 x Balanced In XLR) 
  • 2 analog outputs (1 x preamp output RCA, 1 x record out RCA)
  • Loudspeaker connectors (binding posts)
  • Optional phono input
  • Ground connection for connected phono devices
  • 2 MBL SmartLink connectors (RJ45)