Orbit USB Cable

The Orbit series can best be described as exceptionally fast with a hint of analogue. The problem that can occur with fully built digital audio systems is a too analytical and clean sound. The developers of Live Cable sought – in order to counter this effect – to a resource that does not only give a superior 3D-image, but also allows for an analogue touch. The characteristics are found in the combination of OFC and 24-carats gold. Apart from the renowned weaving and braiding technique, the Orbit-series is also endowed with several dampening materials and screenings. These fully handmade products are crafted with a critical eye for detail.


This USB-cable is made out of 8 strands of 0.5μ 24K OFC alloy. For the plus- and minus signal, four strands are twisted together to two pairs after which they are separated by a special screening with the plus and the ground. These are then screened by another braid from the outside case. Furthermore, the cable uses 24-carats gilt USB A/B-connectors.

Hand made in Holland