BRAND: Sumiko

TYPE: Loudspeakers

Finding a subwoofer that is both ultra compact and high quality can be a challenge – that’s exactly where the Sumiko S.0 comes in. Don’t be fooled by the size. The S.0 offers true foundation into low-40 Hz range, with more control and gravity than most loudspeakers rated to reach the same limit. The S.0 is poised to provide real texture and substance to your listening experience. 



The Sumiko S.0 requires less than a square foot of floor space, allowing it to go just about anywhere. A bedroom surround system, a gaming system, or even a small, premium office system will take on greater weight and definition with the S.0 providing the bass line.

The design premise for the Sumiko S.0 was quite direct – yield as much performance and sound from the most diminutive package possible. To this end, you will find features on the S.0 that would be expected only on much more costly models. The custom, 6.5-inch, extra long-throw woofer lies at the heart of the design, driven with 120 watts (250 peak) of clean, high current power. The S.0 is rich in quality from its stout, lacquered cabinet down to the solid aluminum feet. Speaker level and line level connections are on the back panel, along with all necessary controls to contour the speaker to blend seamlessly into your system. 




Loudspeaker Type
Closed box loaded, down-firing woofer

Drive unit
1x165mm rubber surround woofer

Amplifier Type
High linearity Class AB

Power amplifier
120W rms, 250W peak

Frequency response (in room)

From 35/45 Hz to Fc
(Fc user adjustable)

Mains input voltage
Factory selected, 120Vac – 60Hz or 230 Vac – 50 Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion
0.1% Maximum harmonic distortion

T4.0 A (120Vac, 60Hz); T2.0 A (230V, 50Hz)

System protection
– Output signal short circuit
– Over-heating
– DC fault


-Independent Master and LFE volume controls;
-Continuously adjustable Crossover frequency (30 to 120Hz), slope 24dB/oct

Additional features
Auto switch-on/off (de-selectable)

Audio signal inputs
– LFE (Low Frequency Effect) signal, phono plug;
– Line level signal, single phono plug;
– High level signals, Neutrik 4-pole Speakon©

Power consumption
0.5 W (Stand-by) Rated power 250W

Gloss Piano Black or White Lacquer 245x275x280 mm; 9.65×10.8×11 in Including feet

Supplied accessoires
– User manual
– Mains lead
– 10m/32.8 ft Neutrik Speakon© interconnection cable