Sonus Faber Solo Home

BRAND: Sonus Faber SERIES: Solo Home PRICE: 12,000.- TYPE:Center Speaker    รับประกัน:– INBOX: จั๊มเปอร์ 2 ชิ้น หมายเหตุ: S/N 2109 Share on facebook Share back to USED PRODUCTS

Stradivari G2 40th Anniversary

BRAND: Sonus Faber SERIES: Stradivari G2 40th AnniversaryTYPE: Loudspeakers Introducing the next generation of Stradivari: iconic Sonus faber design meets unparalleled sound quality, for a listening experience like none other.Twenty years after the original design, Stradivari has evolved into its second generation, pushing the limits of innovation and engineering. With its signature organic materials – wood …

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Guarneri G5 (5th Generation)

BRAND: Sonus Faber SERIES: Guarneri 5th GenerationTYPE: Loudspeakers The Guarneri Generation 5° Speakers continue Sonus faber’s legacy of pristine design while harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology. The fifth generation Guarneri speaker is equipped with a new midwoofer that reduces resonance and delivers nuanced acoustic detail. New crossover technology lowers the noise floor and eliminates background …

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Serafino G2 (2nd Generation)

BRAND: Sonus Faber SERIES: Serafino 2nd GenerationTYPE: Loudspeakers In eighteenth century Venice, Santo Serafino masterfully built violins with matching beauty and sound. In keeping with his legacy, the second generation of the Sonus faber Serafino speakers marries artistry and sonic excellence. Enhanced technology creates the sensation of a live performance, delivering pristine and powerful sound. OVERVIEW …

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Amati G5 (5th Generation)

BRAND: Sonus Faber SERIES: Amati 5th GenerationTYPE: Loudspeakers The Amati Generation 5° floorstanding speaker channels the visionary brilliance of Nicolo Amati, the Italian renaissance violin maker who understood the link between artistic form and musical function. New technology delivers balanced sound with stunning detail matching the elegance of the Amati’s exterior design. OVERVIEW HERITAGE Sonus faber …

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Omnia Wireless Speaker

BRAND: Sonus Faber SERIES: Omnia Wireless SpeakerTYPE: Speakers, Lifestyle Omnia is an ecosystem that embodies Sonus faber’s values and heritage, from Italian tradition to modern technologies. An organic architecture of technological desires, exemplified in one, wireless system. Our journey is inspired from connection, the truest relationship of humankind – the link to life. With Omnia, Sonus …

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BRAND: Sonus Faber SERIES: IL CREMONESE Ex3me TYPE: Loudspeakers THE BLEND OF TWO JEWELS Il Cremonese ex3me is a unique loudspeaker system characterized by new technical features and by a precise performance target: absolute neutrality. OVERVIEW More than 5 years since its debut, Il Cremonese remains one of the most popular loudspeaker systems in the Sonus faber portfolio. Initially …

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Maxima Amator

BRAND: Sonus Faber SERIES: Maxima Amator TYPE: Loudspeakers TSonus faber is proud to announce the Maxima Amator, a two-way design speaker that successfully merges two drivers to achieve a unique emotion with the maximum representation of natural sound. The two-way concept, often considered the purest system achievable in regard to electro-acoustic, has been a strong piece of brand identity …

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