McIntosh C52

BRAND: McIntosh SERIES: C52 PRICE: 195,000.- TYPE:Premplifier รับประกัน:3 เดือน INBOX: กล่อง, รีโมทคอนโทรล, คู่มือ Share on facebook Share back to USED PRODUCTS

McIntosh MCT450

BRAND: McIntosh SERIES: MCT450 PRICE: 90,000.- TYPE:SACD/CD Transport รับประกัน:3 เดือน INBOX: กล่อง, คู่มือ,  สาย AC, รีโมทคอนโทรล หมายเหตุ:– Share on facebook Share back to USED PRODUCTS

McIntosh MA6600

BRAND: McIntosh SERIES: MA6600 PRICE: 149,000.- TYPE:Integrated Amplifier รับประกัน:3 เดือน INBOX: กล่อง, สาย AC, รีโมทคอนโทรล หมายเหตุ:– Share on facebook Share back to USED PRODUCTS

MT2 Precision Turntable

BRAND: McIntosh SERIES: MT2 Precision TurntableTYPE: Turntable The McIntosh MT2 Precision Turntable combines the latest in turntable technology and design to deliver both superb performance and accurate playback. OVERVIEW Its advanced electronic and mechanical design will give you many years of smooth, trouble-free operation. Virtually ready to use out of the box as tracking force, …

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BRAND: McIntosh SERIES: MC901TYPE: Power Amplifier One-of-a-Kind Solution for Bi-amping Loudspeakers OVERVIEW The MC901 Dual Mono Amplifier is truly a one-of-a-kind monoblockamplifier designed as the ultimate solution for bi-amping loudspeakers. What makes the MC901 so unique is that it’s two amplifiers combinedinto one. Adding to the uniqueness is that each amplifier is of differingdesigns: the …

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BRAND: McIntosh MCD 12000 SACD/CD playerTYPE: Sources OVERVIEW Bring all your digital music to life with the MCD12000 SACD/CD Player.While classified as a CD player, it is better to think of the MCD12000 as areference level Digital-to-Analog convertor (DAC) that includes referencelevel SACD/CD playback capabilities. At the heart of the MCD12000 are two ESS SABRE …

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McIntosh MC7100

BRAND: McIntosh SERIES: MC7100 PRICE: 40,000.- TYPE: Stereo Amplifier รับประกัน: 3 เดือน INBOX:  – หมายเหตุ:  S/N KC1872 Share on facebook Share back to USED PRODUCTS


BRAND: McIntosh MR89 AM/FM TunerTYPE: Sources OVERVIEW The MR89 is the latest in a line of superb McIntosh tuners including the MR78 from the 1970s that many still think is the best tuner ever made. The MR89 features exclusive McIntosh radio frequency circuitry that is capable of receiving both strong FM signals from nearby stations …

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McIntosh MX121

BRAND: McIntosh SERIES: MX121 PRICE: 75,000.- TYPE:A/V Processor รับประกัน:3 เดือน INBOX: สาย AC, รีโมทคอนโทรล หมายเหตุ: (S/N ACX1732) Share on facebook Share back to USED PRODUCTS