SERIES: S.P.C. Powercord

During the development of the S.P.C. series, Live Cable sought to improve the characteristics that distinguish the Live Cable product from other products but keeping in touch with the philosophy. Live Cable achieved this goal by using silvered OFC in a broader diameter and extending the already existing screening. Add to this dedication of our philosophy we witness the birth of a series with more detail on a higher level.


Every electronic component in your sound system benefits with a clean supply and throughput of power. By utilizing a well screened powercord with a good conductance which will mitigate interference, your sound system achieve higher levels and offer more tranquility and a broader sound image. The S.P.C. powercord is built from five identical strands with a thickness of 16 AWG. These five hand twisted silvered strands are sub-divided into two for the live, two for the neutral and one for the earth. To promote a clean transition of power and to prevent interference the powercord uses several screenings. The connectors are rhodium plated. The Powercord is assembled using specially developed aluminum beads, of which the conducting materials are made of heavily gilded platinum. The aluminum is made of the same alloy as the branch box. The choice for this finishing is not purely esthetic, but also prevents ‘leaking’ upon connecting it to the plug. The reason for the cable’s good achievements according to the reviewers is the special way of twisting and wrapping of the heavily silvered OCC wires, and the new way of screening the Powercord. This technique is unique in the world of cabling as this cannot be done by machines. Therefore, each powercord has to be hand-made.

(This product is also available in black edition.)

Hand made in Holland.


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