BRAND: Sonus Faber

TYPE: Loudspeakers

Unsurpassed Sound

The most ambitious project of Sonus faber to date, Suprema reflects the pinnacle of audio engineering. Building on a legacy of artisanal design and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Suprema honors the 40th anniversary of a brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence.

Extending Beyond Conventional Limits

Suprema consists of a sophisticated four column system— two main columns and two subwoofers, and an external electronic crossover. This new design was pioneered by Sonus faber’s engineering team to enhance acoustic performance to new levels of excellence.

Legacy Redesigned

The two main columns of Suprema take the signature Sonus faber lute shape, originally introduced with Guarneri in 1993.

This iconic design represents the optimal solution for enhancing a virtual soundstage while blending seamlessly into the background. The two subwoofers, in contrast, take on Stradivari’s elliptical shape, which is most suitable for the reproduction of low frequencies.

Voice of Sonus faber, Evolved

In developing Suprema, careful attention was paid to maintaining and enhancing the signature Natural Sound of Sonus faber. The configuration of the tweeters and midranges evolves into three brand new elements: one midrange with a cellulose pulp diaphragm, a new mid-tweeter with a treated silk dome, and a new super tweeter with a treated silk dome.


4.5 way sealed box


SUPER TWEETER: 20mm silk dome with dedicated waveguide, neodymium magnet

TWEETER: 38mm silk dome with dedicated waveguide, neodymium magnet

MIDRANGE: 6.5” dual driver motor system with neodymium ring magnet,

LINK MIDWOOFER: 8” neodymium slug magnet, Ø 65mm voice coil, sandwich paper cone

WOOFERS: 4 x 8” dual driver motor system with neodymium ring magnet, Ø 50mm voice coil, sandwich paper cone

BACK EMISSION TW: 28mm silk dome, neodymium magnet

BACK EMISSION MD: 4” paper cone driver, neodymium magnet

SUBWOOFER: 2 x 38 cm carbon fiber sandwich cone

Front emission: 360, 430, 1700, 6700 Hz
Back emission: 500, 2300 Hz

Frequency response
Front emission: 45Hz –40KHz
Back emission: 500Hz –20KHz
SUBWOOFER: 16 to 30/80 Hz -variable based on the setting of the electronic crossover
CROSSOVER: MAIN: 25Hz-150KHz / PROC: 5Hz-150KHz

MAIN COLUMN 91dB 1m/2.83V
SUBWOOFER 92dB 1m/2.83V

Nominal impedance
4 ohm

Suggested amplifier power output
50 – 300W undistorted signal

Dimensions (HxWxD)
MAIN COLUMN 75” x 25.6” x 65” in
SUBWOOFER 57,1 x 33,46 x 23,42 in
CROSSOVER 4,3 x 17,8 x 17 in

Weight (each)MAIN COUMN 110 kg / 242,5 lb
SUBWOOFER 103kg / 227 lb
CROSSOVER 17 kg / 37,5 lb