SERIES: Xtreme Branch Box

A long cherished wish of Live Cable was to achieve the impossible. The development of the ultimate product was dubbed the Xtreme series, after the extremes used in its development and production. With the Xtreme series, our starting point was simple: no limitations, no concessions. The result is a series of highly prestigious and exclusive products of exceptional quality and finishing.


At the heart of the over 19 kilograms weighing branch box are six Furutech rhodium plated outlets and the inlet who are connected to 24 massive gold/silver twisted strands who are braided to a total diameter of 8 millimeters per connector. Each output is separately fed and protected against interferences by multiple screenings. Within the strand itself, there is a special 2-component residue to absorb any forms of micro vibrations that potentially still occur. The grounds are connected with the 1 mm thick sealed copper cage construction. The Xtreme branch box is milled on the same location where parts of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II (the Joint Strike Fighter) are built! The finishing is a piece of art, too: a 12mm thick chromed special aluminum alloy. This finishing is very unusual because not only does it require skilled craftsmanship but it is very labour intensive. For the Xtreme Branch Box, special feet were designed that follow the same lines as the branch box itself.

The Xtreme Branch Box is, like all Live Cable products, fully hand-made. However, unlike other Live Cable products, the Xtreme series are exclusively built at the behest of a client.