SERIES: Xtreme Powercord

A long cherished wish of Live Cable was to achieve the impossible. The development of the ultimate product was dubbed the Xtreme series, after the extremes used in its development and production. With the Xtreme series, our starting point was simple: no limitations, no concessions. The result is a series of highly prestigious and exclusive products of exceptional quality and finishing.


The Live Cable Xtreme Powercord is built from 24 wires of silver/gold wire. For the Live and the Neutral, twenty of this wires are twisted and then independently from each other woven creating a strand of 3,6mm. The Ground is twisted out of the remaining four wires. A double screening is used including an extra thick cotton sleeve and a thick tinned copper mantle. It is finished at the Live Cable way but extra attention is given to the appearance. The Live Cable technique of building and screening guarantees a clean throughput of power without interference, cultivating in an unprecedented tranquility and 3D sound image. The finishing touch is the end collar which is fitted with a platinum gilt connector. This not only serves its purpose of protection, it also is esthetically perfect. Both aluminum drifts are of chromed aluminum in which ‘Live Cable’ and ‘Xtreme’ are engraved.

The Xtreme Powercord is, like all Live Cable products, fully hand-made. However, unlike other Live Cable products, the Xtreme series are exclusively built at the behest of a client.
(This product is also available in black edition.)

Hand made in Holland


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