Orbit Powercord

The Orbit series can best be described as exceptionally fast with a hint of analogue. The problem that can occur with fully built digital audio systems is a too analytical and clean sound. The developers of Live Cable sought – in order to counter this effect – to a resource that does not only give a superior 3D-image, but also allows for an analogue touch. The characteristics are found in the combination of OFC and 24-carats gold. Apart from the renowned weaving and braiding technique, the Orbit-series is also endowed with several dampening materials and screenings. These fully handmade products are crafted with a critical eye for detail.


The Orbit Powercord is constructed from five wires of 16AWG thickness, two for the live two for the neutral and one for the Earth. Each wire is twisted from a certain number of 0.5μ 24K OFC threads. Furthermore, the Powercord has a number of screens, this to promote a clean transit of the flow of current. The Powercord is assembled using specially developed POM beads. The conducting materials are made of heavily gilded platinum Furutech FI-32 (R). The reason for the cable’s good achievements according to the reviewers is the special way of twisting and wrapping of the 0.5μ 24K OFC wires.