SERIES: Xtreme LS Cable

A long cherished wish of Live Cable was to achieve the impossible. The development of the ultimate product was dubbed the Xtreme series, after the extremes used in its development and production. With the Xtreme series, our starting point was simple: no limitations, no concessions. The result is a series of highly prestigious and exclusive products of exceptional quality and finishing.


The Xtreme speakercable is a prestigious project. During the development, Live Cable has endured many hardships. A single 2,5 meter set has over 300 meters of silver/gold strands which are twisted and braided until there are two sides of 32 strands. The difficulty, precision and meticulousness of this operation means that a single cable takes days to complete. The braided strands are then pulled over an absorbing core to eliminate interferences from outside. The finishing touch is the adapter which is chromed aluminum and has ‘Live Cable’ and ‘Xtreme’ engraved in it. For both the plus and the minus a cross-cut of 4,8mm is available. The endings are assembled with Furutech Piezo ceramic spades/banana plugs. Experts argue that this might be the best speaker cable ever built because of the enormous spaciousness and detail.

The Xtreme XLR Interlink is, like all Live Cable products, fully hand-made. However, unlike other Live Cable products, the Xtreme series are exclusively built at the behest of a client.
(This product is also available in black edition.)

Hand made in Holland



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