BRAND: Sumiko SERIES: S.9 TYPE: Loudspeakers The S.9 will transform your system – any expectations you may have of it – into an engaging, dynamic experience, alive with movement and emotion. The S.9 will produce genuine, room-filling bass with ease, and simultaneously provide previously unheard details and textures guaranteed to thrill. OVERVIEW The Sumiko S.9 utilizes […]

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BRAND: Sumiko SERIES: S.10 TYPE: Loudspeakers The S.10 is the flagship of the S Series. It is built for those who require higher power and deeper reach from a subwoofer, but with even greater definition and musicality than our smaller models. OVERVIEW The S.10 is powered by an ultrahigh current 500 watt, Class D amplifier. With

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BRAND: Sumiko SERIES: S.0 TYPE: Loudspeakers Finding a subwoofer that is both ultra compact and high quality can be a challenge – that’s exactly where the Sumiko S.0 comes in. Don’t be fooled by the size. The S.0 offers true foundation into low-40 Hz range, with more control and gravity than most loudspeakers rated to reach

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Reference Series: Pearwood Celebration II

BRAND: SUMIKO SERIES: Reference Series | Pearwood Celebration II TYPE: Cartridge SUMIKO’s many years of experience fine-tuning sound and our continuing desire to reveal the most vibrant and exciting colors of analog led to the development of the Celebration II. With its harmonic richness, pin-drop articulation, and excellent frequency separation, the Celebration II is for music

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Reference Series: Starling

BRAND: SUMIKO SERIES: Reference Series | Starling TYPE: Cartridge Our new flagship open-architecture moving coil cartidge uses the same resonance-reducing body design as the Songbird, but introduces a long-grain boron cantilever and a Micro-Ridge stylus. OVERVIEW This allows the Starling to render the grandeur of an orchestra while still preserving air and space, and also realize

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Reference Series: Blackbird (Low)

BRAND: SUMIKO SERIES: Reference Series | Blackbird (Low) TYPE: Cartridge By offering a low-output version of the Blackbird at 0.7 mV, we have taken advantage of a low-mass cantilever assembly to provide even faster response time and superior dynamics. OVERVIEW With the right preamplification, the low-output Blackbird takes all of the performance features of the standard

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Reference Series: Blackbird (High)

BRAND: SUMIKO SERIES: Reference Series | Blackbird (High) TYPE: Cartridge OThe SUMIKO Blackbird has long been regarded as providing the most performance per dollar you can find in the industry. With the level of performance and clarity of many cartridges twice its price, the Blackbird was designed for exceedingly low noise levels, exceptionally wide dynamic range,

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Oyster Series: Rainier

BRAND: SUMIKO SERIES: Oyster Series | Rainier TYPE: Cartridge Our first offering in the new Oyster line-up is the venerable Rainier, which continues the Pearl’s legacy for smooth, natural sound reproduction. After years of development, we are proud to introduce an all-new integrated body and generator system that significantly reduces internal resonances. OVERVIEW With the ability

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