BRAND: Audio Research

SERIES: GSPre Preamplifier
TYPE: Preamplifier

“This preamplifier does so well with retrieving ambient cues and gentle texture, it underscores what the vacuum tube experience should be without ever over- embellishing, as some vintage tube components can be prone to. For this reviewer, the balance is absolute perfection.” TONEAudio 2015


With decades of expertise creating some of the finest preamplifiers ever produced, the GSPre continues the legacy on which Audio Research has built its reputation of great sound and unparalleled build quality. The GSPre elegantly melds iconic Audio Research elements with softer, more contemporary lines. The GSPre acknowledges audio’s past, present and future all in a single, beautiful chassis.


Audio Research returns to its roots with a full-function preamplifier that incorporates a wonderful line section with an outstanding phono stage which is no mere afterthought. Its separate, vacuum tube-based circuit provides just the right amount of gain to accommodate a wide variety of phono cartridges. There are two 6H30 tubes in the phono section and four 6H30 tubes in the line section. The overall design is fully-balanced, Class-A, with zero feedback in the line section.

The GSPre features great flexibility, with three line-level RCA inputs as well as two balanced XLR inputs (in addition to the phono input); outputs are both balanced and single-ended, and the GSPre can be controlled via its RS232 in an automated system. Loading for the phono cartridge can be adjusted ‘on the fly’ via the remote control. And, when listening conditions require a more personal experience, the GSPre has an exceptional tube-based headphone amplifier capable of driving a very wide range of headphones. 

The GSPre hits the sonic bullseye with its remarkably transparent, detailed and relaxed presentation. Instruments and vocals are reproduced with an engaging immediacy and dynamic realism. TONEAudio Magazine ranked the GSPre their “Product of the Year – Overall in 2015”, along with Its natural companion, the GS150 power amplifier. Other reviews around the world have been equally enthusiastic.

After nearly 50 years, our focus remains the advancement of the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. Every component is meticulously hand-crafted and personally auditioned before it leaves our factory. Our attention to detail, customer service, and product support create unprecedented value. An Audio Research component is more than a purchase, it’s an investment.

We invite you to experience what the GSPre has to offer by visiting your nearest Audio Research dealer for an audition.



Frequency Response
Line: ±0.3dB 2Hz to 80kHz; : -3dB 0.8Hz to 220kHz Phono: ±0.1dB of RIAA 10Hz to 20kHz, ±0.4dB 5Hz to 80kHz

±0.05dB 20Hz to 20kHz; : -3dB 0.8Hz to 220kHz

Line: <0.002% at 2V RMS, Bal output
Phono: <0.005% at 3V RMS output, to Record output
Headphone: <0.009% at 1V RMS output

Line: 13.8 dB, Processor: 0dB
Phono: 58dB @ 1kHz to Record output Headphone: 11.3dB


Line: >125dB Balanced output Phono: >94dB to Record output Headphone: >110dB

Tube complement
6 – 6H30P dual triodes

Width: 9” (483 mm) Height: 7 3⁄4” (197 mm) Depth: 17 1⁄4” (438 mm)

25 lbs. (11.3 kg) Net; 47 lbs. (22 kg) Shipping