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When Sony needed to transform SACD from an intriguing concept into a sonic reality, they turned to one of the world’s leading experts in digital converter design: Ed Meitner.

In those early days, Ed’s EMM Labs worked hand-in-glove with Sony and Phillips to refine what was possible from the format and to establish the unparalleled sonic purity for which SACD is now known.


The company soon developed the first complete multichannel DSD playback system from disc to preamplifier. And quickly became one of the industry’s most respected makers of high-resolution audio recording and playback products.

These distinctions were achieved by the unique amalgam of talent here—physicists, engineers and music lovers alike—working as a team to create the most faithful music production and reproduction equipment available. And, in fact, possible.

Today, EMM Labs converter systems are the de facto DSD reference of the recording industry. Currently, almost every new SACD in production is being made with our DSD converters.

And now, EMM Labs is bringing the same peerless level of performance into audiophile homes throughout the world. Our latest products are designed for a wide variety of applications and are, without question, the most sophisticated expression yet of EMM Labs innovation and technology.


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  • Natively supports pure DSD streaming over USB, as per DoP 1.0
  • Supports PCM sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz at word lengths up to 24 bits through all 6 digital inputs:
  • 1 x USB Audio Class 2 + DoP
  • 1 x AES/EBU balanced
  • 2 x TOSlink optical S/PDIF
  • 2 x Coax S/PDIF
  • MFAST™ asynchronous technology for instant signal acquisition, jitter-free performance
  • MDAT™ signal processing technology:
  • Performs 2xDSD upsampling for PCM playback
  • Preserves phase, frequency and dynamic integrity of the waveform
  • MDAC™ discrete dual differential D-to-A conversion circuit
  • MCLK™ high-purity master clock that establishes new benchmarks in jitter performance
  • Sleek credit-card style remote control included for input switching
  • USB Service port for future system firmware upgrades
  • Serial port wired remote control for home-automation integration
  • Power supply: Active Power Factor Correction
  • Universal 90V-260V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: less than 50W
  • CE Approved

Stereo analog outputs: Balanced (XLR) and Unbalanced (RCA) Output voltage (with 0dBfs input):

  • XLR outputs: 4.6Vrms (+15.4dBu)
  • RCA outputs: 2.3Vrms (+9.4dBu)

Output impedance:

  • 300 ohms balanced (XLR)
  • 150 ohms unbalanced (RCA)

Dimensions W x D x H:
435 x 400 x 92mm

7.43 kg/16.39 lbs net with remote control