SERIES: S.P.C. RCA Interlink

During the development of the S.P.C. series, Live Cable sought to improve the characteristics that distinguish the Live Cable product from other products but keeping in touch with the philosophy. Live Cable achieved this goal by using silvered OFC in a broader diameter and extending the already existing screening. Add to this dedication of our philosophy we witness the birth of a series with more detail on a higher level.


The mutual connections between components within a sound system have to take care of a fast (high resolution) and clean throughput without disrupting the character of the system. The used materials of the S.P.C. interlinks are of such high quality (high purity 5N silver) that they are up for the job. The S.P.C. interlink is built from five identical wires with a thickness of 26 AWG. To promote a clean transition of power and to prevent interference the powercord uses several screenings. The connectors used for the RCA interlink are rhodium plated and the connector is lockable. This means that after plugging in the connector, the casing can be locked to ensure a solid contact. Furthermore, to prevent unnecessary resistance bridges the connection is not traditionally solded but screwed.
(This product is also available in black edition.)

Hand made in Holland.