SERIES: Signature Powercord

In developing the Signature series, Live Cable faced the challenge of surpassing the successful achievements of the S.P.C. series. The long search for the best materials and many testing led to an abso- lute masterpiece. Unprecedented achievements and finishing make this series to belong to nothing but the top. The Signature Powercord eliminates, just like the branch box, traces of interference that is present on our mains. By utilizing a, only by Live Cable applied, special twist and sowing technique and screening, the harmful interference has no chance to find its way to your ears. The result is an astonishing ‘layback’ experience with more tranquility and foundation in the low. Furthermore, the 3D image widens and there is more staging, leading to a more Live experience.


The Signature Powercord is constructed from five wires of 16AWG thickness, two for the live two for the neutral and one for the Earth. Each wire is twisted from a certain number of Long Crystal Silver wires surrounded by multiple screenings. The end beads are milled from a single piece of special aluminum alloy and polished. The used rhodium connectors are of exceptional quality and hide within. The reason for the cable’s good achievements according to the reviewers is the special way of twisting and wrapping of the Long Crystal Silver strands, and the new way of screening the Powercord. This technique is unique in the world of cabling as this cannot be done by machines. Therefore, each powercord has to be hand-made.
(This product is also available in black edition.)

Hand made in Holland.


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