SERIES: The Model 6 Classic
TYPE: Turntable


The Model 6 Classic is a class leading integrated turntable delivering unique sonic performance, engineering excellence and defnitive SME craftsmanship.

Primary features include a CNC machined chassis made from a unique polymer high density resin material providing high mass, small footprint and superb resonance absorption. Main bearing, 
spindle and drive pulleys are precision made to the same exact standards as all SME high-end turntables. A new generation highly sophisticated electronic speed control unit provides fine pitch speed adjustment within a wide band range. Machined aluminium finishers fitted to the isolation feet complete the look of the Classic.

The Model 6 Classic is complimented with the M2-9R tonearm with extensive features including thumbwheel vertical tracking adjustment, tungsten balance weights, double draw-pin detachable 
headshell with azimuth adjustment. The tungsten alloy balance weight allows for a maximum centre of gravity shift to balance a greater range of cartridges up to 38 grams and with a direct plug-in head up to 46 grams. Design and engineering excellence built by audio enthusiasts for audio enthusiasts.

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Turntable speed
33 and 45 rpm

Effective mass
9.50 g

Cartridge Balance Range 
In S2-R Headshell: Up to 38.0 g
Plug-heads: Up to 46.0 g

Vertical tracking force (VTF)
5.0 g

Maximum Tracking Error
0.013 degree/mm

Null Points:
66.04 mm radii
Outer 120.9 mm radii

Power consumption:
5W – Max 10W

Weights & Dimensions (mm)

Width: 420
Depth: 320
Height: 128
Platter diameter: 300
Spindle to Arm: 215.4
Net Weight: 9.1kg

Speed Control Unit
Width: 220
Depth: 200
Height: 85
Net Weight: 2.05kg