BRAND: Sonus Faber

SERIES: Venere 1.5
TYPE: Loudspeakers

The Venere line is made up of two floor-standing models (Venere 3.0 e 2.5), two bookshelf models (Venere 2.0 e 1.5 for which a specially dedicated stand was designed, the Venere stand), a central channel (Venere centre) and a wall-mounted model (Venere wall). This group of 6 speakers was carefully designed in order to satisfy both the lovers of two channel listening as well as multi-channel or home theatre enthusiasts. It is therefore able to provide high level response to a wide range of requirements and for an even larger range of listeners, because well reproduced music continues to be a wealth for all.



Nevertheless, the essential details that deliver the sound of the .8 series have been tweaked in subjective testing, and the result is very close.  There are a couple new wrinkles to the “preamp” portions of these two products.  The volume control circuit outputs are buffered by 6 dB gain stages whose input JFETs present many megohms of load, getting attenuator distortions down below the .001% line.  The extra gain allows optimal figures for the power amp stages, and offers improvement over the previous “passive” circuits

The output noise figures of the integrated amplifiers are a little higher than the stand alone amplifiers, but after you figure in the noise of a separate preamp external to the amplifier, it comes out about the same, so I don’t think you lose out on noise performance.

Did I mention that we included the meter on these?  Yes, we have the meter just like the other Point 8 amps.

Finally, credit goes to Wayne Colburn, usually our preamp designer, for the work integrating new preamp circuits into these amplifiers.

Wayne and I and the rest of the people at Pass Labs sincerely hope these products enrich your listening experience for many years.

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Loudspeaker System
2 way standmount bookshelf vented box

29 mm high definition precoated fabric dome driver with no ferrofluid. Sonus faber design.

1×150 mm driver. Free compression basket design and Curv cone. Ultra dynamic performance and linearity. Sonus faber design.

Cross-over points

Frequency Resp.
50Hz-25.000 Hz

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)
85 dB SPL




Nominal impendence
6 ohm

Suggested Amplifier Power Output
30W – 150W without clipping

Long-term max input voltage (iec-268-5)
20V rms

Dimensions  HxWxD (mm)

optional dedicated stand HxWxD (mm)

total dimensions HxWxD (mm)

Weight (kg)
6,00 each